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10 good reasons to choose Royal Avenue
for your tableware purchases

  1. We ensure that our suppliers provide you with the highest quality porcelain, crystal or flatware and we are available to check their production.
  2. Internet enables us to offer you competitive prices: 10 to 15% less than standard recommended French retail prices. You purchase at these prices directly, without any unnecessary middlemen.
  3. Your online payments are secure and are made through one of the premier French bank: LCL.
  4. We use the services of a well known carrier, such as UPS, who delivers to your door.
  5. Breakages are rare but should anything arrive damaged, we trust you and require just that you send us a digital photograph by email. We will send you a replacement, free of charge, as rapidly as possible.
  6. Your guarantee comes from the fact that we are established agents for the best known brand names, authorized to sell over the internet on their behalf.
  7. You can request a catalog, a photo, a sample, an estimate… All our estimates are binding for orders made within 30 days of receipt.
  8. You can send us a fax to +33 3 87 98 68 51 or an email to
  9. We are used to special orders: the addition of family crests, company logos, monograms, large quantities...
  10. Our motto is “If it’s possible, it’s done. If it’s impossible, we’ll do the next best possible.”
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