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Obtaining an estimate

Please do not hesitate to contact us on:

or please click on the appropriate link below and indicate the brand name and pattern that you are interested in as well as the quantities you wish to purchase. A box at the end is available for your remarks and questions. Don't forget to click on SUBMIT and we will reply within 48 hours.

We are privileged to have been able to supply

  • thousands of private customers throughout the world
  • prestigious restaurants, embassies, super-yachts (RV Pegaso, MY Allegro, MCC, Riva...), the European Union and many great institutions.

We can create dinner services to your design or wishes, add crests, logos or monogrammes, supply gifts that correspond to the quality of your participants at seminaires and, in general reply to all requests which can be dealt with through specific estimates. We also work closely with a number of interior designers.

Our references:

  • Tazi Palace (Rabat, Morocco)
  • The Viscount Lifford (United Kingdom)
  • Lassere Restaurant (Paris)
  • Shangri La hotel (Singapore)
  • Algerian embassy in the Netherlands
  • Moroccan embassy in Indonesia
  • Egyptian Consul in France
  • Ms. Beatriz d'Orleans Bourbon
  • A country's delegation to the European Union
  • The Royal family of Qatar
  • The Royal family of Saudi Arabia
  • The Royal family of Bahrain
  • The Ruia Family (India)


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